Do you work long hours?

While you are away, you may worry about your dog being cooped up in the house. The best way to address this concern is to engage the services of a professional dog walker. The benefits of regular walks are physical and mental. Dogs need regular walks not only to relieve themselves but also regular exercise to stay healthy and develop muscle. Walks also give your dog the stimulation and attention that he needs.

Do you have a new puppy?

Congratulations! Puppies are a wonderful addition to the family, but their small bladders mean they need lots of attention. Puppies get bored easily and a bored puppy tends to be a destructive puppy! Regular puppy visits ensure that the potty training process will be quicker and the puppy gets to play!

Are you going on vacation and need pet sitting?

Home visits are ideal for cats, who typically don’t adjust well to new environments and prefer the comfort of their own home. This service is also available for birds and small caged animals.

Services offered:

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