Puppy Visits

Paw Patrol Puppy Visits

Puppy Visits

30-minute visits

Puppies have difficulty holding their bladders for more than 3-4 hours a day and may also need to empty their bowels throughout the day, until they are fully potty trained. Since many vets recommend feeding a dog three times a day until the age of 4-6 months, your puppy may also require a meal.

In view of puppies’ high needs, we have designed a puppy visit package (details below). The time is divided between inside/outside if your puppy is too young to be outside for too long or is not fully vaccinated. If you feel one visit is not enough, then we can provide two visits a day, spaced four hours apart.

What’s Included

A short walk around the neighbourhood or a yard break—whichever you prefer.
Continuing any puppy training you have started.
Lots of praise and positive reinforcement.
Crate cleaning or picking up any accidents around the house.
Fun play session with puppy’s favourite toy.
Water and treat, if permitted.
Daily report card to let you know about your puppy’s behaviour and activities.

Puppy Visit Rates (not including HST)

30-minute visit
2 X 30 minutes
Mornings and Evenings (before 9 a.m./after 5 p.m.)
Statutory Holidays